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China high voltage Capacitor Industry Section three important stages of development

China's power capacitor manufacturing industry from the beginning of the 1950s, the development so far has been 50 years of history. Overall, the history of China's power capacitor can be divided into three stages.

The first stage, before the 1970s, basically as a solid medium of paper capacitors, PCB mineral oil or liquid media.

The second phase, 70 - early 80s, polypropylene film capacitors and capacitor paper composite dielectric capacitor to replace the whole paper, it dodecylbenzene, silicone oil, diaryl ethane, isopropyl biphenyl as the liquid the media. The adoption of these new media, film and paper composite dielectric capacitor so that the loss of all paper capacitors only 1 / 3, about 0.8-1.5W/kvar. Heat problems improved products, a single volume by nearly 20 times.Meanwhile, the new liquid medium has a good suction performance, so that failure of the capacitor operation and the possibility of bursting shell expansion greatly reduced, greatly improving network security and reliability.

The third stage, from the early 1980s, gradually replaced the whole film capacitor dielectric film and paper composite products. It polypropylene film as the solid medium to diaryl ethane, benzyl toluene or SAS-70 as the liquid medium, a single capacitor capacity of 334-1000kvar, capacitor losses reduced to 0.1-0.2W/kvar, reliability has been greatly improved.

China's main power capacitor current production varieties with high and low voltage shunt capacitor and complete sets of equipment, filter capacitors and complete sets of equipment, electric capacitors, coupling capacitors and capacitor voltage transformers, capacitors and complete with laboratory devices.Which high and low pressure shunt capacitors and sets device includes self-healing capacitors, high voltage ceramic capacitor, capacitor, and a collection of complete sets of equipment.

V China's current high voltage capacitors of the main problems the industry

In recent years, with the urban and rural power grids and "West to East" and implementation of the project, China's power industry has made ​​considerable progress capacitors, industrial output value of industry-wide, to have a substantial increase in production year after year, every year a dozen products through national identification. At present, some foreign product variety, can produce the basic domestic enterprises, and some products have reached international advanced level. China's accession to WTO, some foreign companies have in various forms (joint venture, agency, etc.) into China's market, will become increasingly fierce market competition, for which the industry must clearly see that China's power enterprises and international advanced enterprises capacitor the gap between the problems and efforts to solve the problem, close the gap.

At present, the domestic product and the gap between the international advanced level products, the main difference is the appearance of the product; than the main technical characteristics and economic indicators --- (kg / k var) is poor; product sets is poor. On the whole, the industry there are five main areas: